Glue dispensing systems, adhesive dispensers, dispensing robots, UV Curing systems, syringes, dispense needles, valves, cartridge dispensers, fluid dispensing systems for adhesives, solder paste, any assembly fluid.     

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Glue dispensing systems, adhesive dispensers, detachable path auger valves, economy dispensing robots, UV Curing systems, manual syringes, dispense needles, valves, cartridge dispensers, fluid dispensing systems for adhesives, most solder pastes, dispensing solutions from simple hand syringe dispencers for solder paste or spray valve dispenser, air free dispensing.



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1/4" NPT Needle

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Syringe Guns 10, 30 and 55CC.

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XYZ Tables, industrial Robots, SCARA, Stepper, Servo Driven Automation. Virtually any assembly  application can be automated with a low cost, turn key robot.

Dispensing Robots - from
200MM X 200MM to
1000MM SCARA ... more


Benchtop dispensing units, from simple air only, untimed to all-digital dispensers and air powered syringe based dispensers.

Glue Dispensers -
pneumatic, air free, cartridge
glue dispensers ...


Manual cartridge guns or pneumatic cartridge guns for use in dispensing nearly any type of flowable material, adhesive, glue, paste, sealant or silicone.

Cartridge Guns - Pneumatic
or manual, 2.5 to
1/10th Gallon ...

From a simple Front Closing valve to a sophisticated Auger Valve and Servo Controller, IntelliSpense Valves will handle any dispensing application.

Dispense Valves - automatic,
robotic or manual dispensing
with controller ...


IDS syringe sare available in a standard manual syringe and plunger, to a polyethelene pneumatic syringe that is guaranteed silicone and chloride free for chemical integrity.
IDS Syringes - silicone and
chloride free, for most
dispensing ...

Dispensing needles with blunt ends to dispense glues, adhesives, paste, gels in indutrial and other applications. Low cost disposable and premium.

Dispensing Needles - Reusable or disposable, Luer hub, 1/4" NPT, or
polyethylene hubs ...


IntelliSpense is a registered trade mark of Integrated Dispensing Solutions. Fast delivery and knowledgeable service people, in a one-stop shop, IDS is a favorite stop for application engineers, assembly techs, engineers, medical device users, assembly operators and integrators.

As we begin our second decade of industrial assembly, we introduce more new IntelliSpense brand dispense products and increase our range of equipment.

To obtain our complete catalog with pictures and pricing, click on the catalog at left.

IDS customers include fortune 500 companies to small shops, from A to Z: Apple, Avail, Boeing, Cannon, Dell, Kodak, Flextronics, Florida State University, GE, General Atomics, General Motors, Harvard, Harmon Automotive, Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, Hughes Medical, IT&T, Intel, JBL, Jet Propulsion Labs, Johns Hopkins, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Lockheed, Mass General, Medtronic, Motorola, Ohio State, Raytheon, 3M, and more.

For many assembly and scientific freezer and refrigerator applications, parts testing, bearings, mixed adhesives or prepreg applications, please consider our line of industrial, scientific and general purpose freezers and refrigerators.

Whether chest or upright, moderate cold rated at minus 34C, super cold at -45 C (perfect for premixed/frozen adhesives) or ultra cold models rated to -86 C, ideal for ultra cold deep freezing of samples, parts, or bearings, IDS Freezers will meet the most demanding requirements. For more, go to;




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