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Syringe Gun
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The ergonomic, light weight plastic body securely holds IntelliSpense disposables for easy, accurate, metered shots of medium to thick viscosity materials. Use with pastes, flux, sealants, silicones, RTV's, epoxies, compounds, grease and gels. Click here for typical setup instructions.  IntelliSpense Manual Syringe Guns use pneumatic syringes and pistons. A low-cost manually operated gun, reduce hand fatigue common with squeeze bottles & manual syringes. The gun is not for use with manual (medical type) syringes. It has its own plunger rod.

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The IntelliSpense Syringe Gun features a robust, lightweight design, 7:1 ratio leverage, slight rod reverse to prevent drips and provides a very comfortable hand grip. For lines, dots or potting, guns come in a variety of sizes.

Use IntelliSpense syringes, needles and tips, sold separately.

If you do not have a pre-filled syringe, let IDS quote you on pre-filling your materials or fill your empty syringe using a syringe filling system. For best results, order taper tips for dispensing the material and use tip caps and end caps for storage, shipping and capping off unused materials in the syringe.

Syringe Guns come as shown above, without syringes, needles and tips, which are sold separately in convenient boxes or in cost-saving bulk bags.

IDS Part#        Manual Syringe Guns

8880369         10CC Plastic Manual Syringe Gun (Complete)
10CC Plastic Manual Syringe Gun (Spare Plunger Rod)
30CC Plastic Manual Syringe Gun (Complete)
30CC Plastic Manual Syringe Gun (Spare Plunger Rod)

Part #                Description
DSK10CCSNK   Basic starter kit for 10CC dispensers and manual syringe guns.
DSK30CCSNK   Basic starter kit for 30CC dispensers and manual syringe guns.

IntelliSpense Needles and Tips work with all IntelliSpense™ Syringes, Manual or Pneumatic, or any other brand of Luer Lock or Luer Slip Syringe. All Luer Slip and Luer Lock Syringes have 5/32“ OD and 1/8“ ID nipples.

Syringe volumes, shot sizes and trigger pulls;

When the trigger is pulled on the lntelliSpense Syringe Gun, the notched plunger will advance in relation to how far you pull before releasing.

10CC lntelliSpense Syringe Gun - 2 teaspoonfuls is equivalent to 10CC (or 10ML). The smaller circumference of the 10CC syringe makes moving thick materials easier and is not very long, keeping your hand close to the work.

1 full pull = 4 steps on plunger rod
1.08CC full pull
0.81CC 3/4 pull
0.54CC 1/2 pull
0.27CC 1/4 pull

30CC lntelliSpense Syringe Gun -
1 ounce is equivalent to 30 ml (30CC).

1 full pull = 4 steps on plunger rod
2.20CC per full pull.
1.65CC per 3/4 pull
1.10CC per 1/2 pull
0.55CC per 1/4 pull

Basic Syringe and Needle Kit

Includes a package of four each of the syringe size chosen and a plastic utility box with a small variety of needles and tips. For dispensers and units that do NOT already come equipped with starter kits. FOUR syringes and 1-2 bulk needles are chosen at random for inclusion - about 20 pieces. Normally ship with most IDS pneumatic dispensers. Syringe Stand (shown) also NOT included.
Part #                Description
DSK10CCSNK   Basic starter kit for 10CC dispensers and manual syringe guns.
DSK30CCSNK   Basic starter kit for 30CC dispensers and manual syringe guns.






















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