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Auger Valve
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Auger Valves are excellent for medium to thick, filled materials suitable for medium to high viscosity pastes, epoxies, filled materials. Capable of dispensing shot sizes of 0.020" Auger valves employ precision auger drives to carry fluid to dispense point.  

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Difficult to clean material? Use our Detachable Path Auger Valve. The Auger separates easily from the body to clean and replace, without tools, in seconds.

Screw Valves work extremely well with greases, pastes and all manner of filled materials. They can easily be mounted on an IntelliSpense Robot or used as a stand-alone work station, with a stand or a gun.

To feed any IDS valve, choose from our dispensing syringes, (to feed thin to medium materials in very small shots) our single cartridges, (for medium to thicker materials in smaller shots or beads) or for large volume capacity, order one of our reservoirs (for thin to medium materials) or one of our pail dispenser units, for thicker materials. Auger Servo controlled valves are controlled by the IntelliSpense Screw Controller.

Air pressure applied to your choice of reservoir (syringe, cartridge or pressure pot) forces the material into a chamber where fluid is carried forward by the turn of the screw. As the screw turns, the material is eventually brought to the end of the chamber and exits through a dispense tip or needle. The IntelliSpense Screw Controller will both regulate the air pressure to keep the fluid feeding the valve and make it possible to adjust the time needed to dispense the shot size required.

  • Choose 8, 16, or 32 pitch SS auger for custom dispensing characteristics.
  • 3,5,10,or 30cc/ml syringe barrel holder.
  • Disposable feed tube connects syringe to the fluid body.
  • Virtually zero dead space within the valve design.
  • 24V DC servo motor drive with optional encoder provide feedback.
  • Adjustable auger speed and reverse motion for clean cycle stops
  • Motor voltage: 24VDC servo motor
  • maximum inlet fluid pressure: 100 PSI
  • Auger material: stainless steel
  • Minimum material viscosity: 25,000cps
  • Minimum shot size: 0.020" (0.508mm)
  • Dimensions: 139.70 mm to 69.22 mm x 29.21 mm
  • Weight: 9 oz (255gm)

Model numbers define pitch of the Auger and syringe size connected to the valve. Servo Driven Auger Valve - specify pitch and syringe size according to the part numbers shown below:

7060502             Auger Valve - 5cc/ml/8 Pitch - 5cc/ml
7060503             Auger Valve - 5cc/ml/16 Pitch - 5cc/ml
7060504             Auger Valve - 5cc/ml/32 Pitch - 5cc/ml
7060505             Auger Valve - 10cc/ml/8 Pitch - 10cc/ml
7060506             Auger Valve - 10cc/ml/16 Pitch - 10cc/ml
7060507             Auger Valve - 10cc/ml/32 Pitch - 10cc/ml
7060508             Auger Valve - 30cc/ml/8 Pitch - 30cc/ml
7060509             Auger Valve - 30cc/ml/16 Pitch - 30cc/ml
7060510             Auger Valve - 30cc/ml/32 Pitch - 30cc/ml
7060000-SP       Servo Driven Auger Valve Spare Parts Kit
7070000             Auger Valve Controller

Also available in a fully encoded version. More information here.





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